My Dental CliQue

About Us

Jennifer Menser, CEO

My Dental CliQue was created to help dental professionals obtain quality & affordable dental continuing education classes online & in-person staff training that is convenient and efficient.   MDC was started by a dental hygienist who understands your requirement needs and concerns.

As dental professionals, we have to meet ongoing requirements and keep up with staying in compliance.  We felt that there is a better way to obtain mandatory dental continuing education credits without taking time off work, losing production and failing to keep up with compliance, so with this focus in mind, created My Dental CliQue continue educational classes.

MDC is committed to:

  • Providing updated & informative Dental C.E.U at an Affordable Price
  • Presenting Interesting & Useful Webinars designed for the Dental Professional 
  • Creating required Dental Continuing Education classes that are Convenient
  • Using real-time technology to bring Live, Interactive Webinars Directly to your device

Our Accreditation

My Dental CliQue (MDC) also offers simple and secured portals for dental health care subscribers and their patients to engage and collaborate on one safe platform.

We focus on building user-friendly, easy-to-use applications, and combine them with exceptional services to help dental professionals and their staff to be more confident and educated with protecting health information (PHI). We believe HIPAA compliance is a top priority for health care subscribers to protect their practice.

The need for My Dental CliQue solution was driven by the founder, a dental hygienist who has experienced years of technology evolving in the dental practice. She was inspired to create a secured application platform for dental care subscribers and their patients to shrink the gap of communication and reduce common errors of tracking down patient treatment information.

So, whether you’re a dental health care provider or a patient, we can connect you to a secure network (email) to collaborate and share your patient referrals and communication.