• FAQ 1)

    Who is my DentalCliQue?

    My Dental CliQue creates simple and secure portals for dental health care subscribers and their patients to engage and collaborate (Linus) on one safe platform. Our philosophy is to bring MDC subscribers to “meaningful use” by creating more pro-active patients for your practice. Each patient portal is used to upload, store and share dental health information to allow patients to become more involved with their treatment.

    Our founder, as a dental hygienist and dental software user for over 20 years can truly appreciate the business end of dentistry and also the sensitive patient involvement as dentistry is evolving in the modern technology world. With her insights, My Dental CliQue was built from the ground up based on patient security.

    When you become a My Dental CliQue subscriber you will be listed in our dentist directory for new patients and your current patients to connect to your practice. We will help you every step of the way to bring your practice to “meaningful use” in a cost effective and simple environment. As for our My Dental CliQue patients we offer the same top-notch customer service. We took the time to integrate the most secured layers of protection to our system to stand behind your security. Your dental health is important to your overall health, which is why we encourage you to partner with your MDC subscriber.

  • FAQ 2)

    What is the cost for a subscribers to join?

    My Dental CliQue offers our basic or advanced package to suite your practice needs with no contracts or training costs. Our basic package is just $96/year with limited contacts and our advanced package is just $495/year with unlimited contacts and patient communication.

    Please visit pricing for full details.

  • FAQ 3)

    What is the cost to become a
    MyDentalCliQue patient?

    To become a MDC patient your dentist must invite you to join as a MDC Subscriber. This allows your personal health information to be shared between providers securely and HIPAA complaint. We believe by allowing patients to be more active in their dental care helps reduce errors, costs, and additional x-rays. Ask your dentist/dental specialists if he/she is a MDC subscriber today!

  • FAQ 4)

    How do my colleagues know that
    I am a MDC Subscriber?

    Once you are registered as MDC Subscriber, your colleagues will be notified by email to access your patient health information (PHI) via My Dental CliQue. They do not need to be a MDC subscriber to access your patient details. This allows our MDC subscribers to connect with their specialists, dental labs, patients and general dentists in real time on one secure network.

  • FAQ 5)

    Does MyDentalCliQue comply with the
    new HIPAA regulations?

    Yes. My Dental CliQue was built from the ground up with patient privacy and security regulations met to comply in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We are proud that our founder is a dental professional herself and took patient privacy and security to the next level for our members. Methods such as automatic time-out features, controlled user access, documented activity logs , 256-bit SSL data encryption, documented activity logs, and the use of secure, dedicated servers are just a few of the many ways we protect the integrity of your patients’ health-related information shared and stored on our system.

  • FAQ 6)


    We’re big believers in the power of collaboration, so that’s why we’ve built Linus right into My Dental CliQue. No more paper referrals and tracking down patients to follow up on treatment, Linus has you covered.

    Linus was developed by the user to create workflow in the dental practice for dental care subscribers and patients alike by allowing each unique case to be discussed in real-time. The minds behind the creation of Linus have brought to life a simple and easy to use platform for the MDC subscribers. Our electronic referral system allows you to invite specialist and even medical doctors to your patient’s case in the most secure and simple environment.

    Virtually everyone would agree that getting multiple minds on each patient case in real-time results in less error and more efficient outcomes. When you bring Linus into your practice you will be taking your patient referral cases to the next level.

To help maintain security, we will reply
to you personally. Inquire today!

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